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(Royal FLORIA Putrajaya)

The Royal FLORIA Putrajaya (‘Floria 2016’) is Malaysia’s largest flower and garden festival. It began in 2007 as a biennial event organised by Perbadanan Putrajaya and became an annual event from 2010. It was conferred royal status in 2014. The event is hosted by Putrajaya Corporation (Perbadanan Putrajaya or PPj) in collaboration with the Federal Territories Ministry, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, and Tourism Malaysia.

Royal FLORIA Entrance Statement

FLORIA Main Entrance Statement

The design of the ‘Entrance Statement’ uses colourful and flowy fabrics inspired by FLORIA’s logo alternating with acrylic panels that highlight FLORIA’s theme flower for every year. The pattern will be reflected on the floor as a shadow that offers shade from the scorching sun during the day while the lighting at night will produce a different ambiance.

Royal Floria Wonder Garden

FLORIA Wonder Garden 

A memorable nostalgic journey down memory lane through gardens specially designed to commemorate every FLORIA event since 2007. Landscaped as beautiful gardens highlighted with the respective theme flowers, the gardens culminate in a meadow of multi-coloured flower beds interspersed with cute sculptures that add to the beauty of the ‘wonderland’, creating photo opportunities for visitors. Flower towers are developed as a visual attraction in this garden, inspired by shady trees with colourful blooms.


Royal Floria Royal Garden

FLORIA Royal Garden 

The Perak Royal Garden is inspired by the regal Istana Kenangan in Kuala Kangsar with its unique, subtle architectural insiprations of iconic buildings in the state that include features of the Pavilion Tower, Kuala Kangsar Clock Tower and Ubudiah Mosque. The main entrance of the Royal Garden is based on the majestic main entrance of the Istana Iskandariah in Bukit Chandan. The Kenangan Palace symbolises the impressive traditional Malay architecture that uses only wood with no nail spikes, sited on 60 pillars. The renowned handicraft, Labu Sayong symbolising Perak’s cultural heritage is also integrated into the Royal Garden design.



FLORIA Miniature Garden

One of the attractions at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 was the “Bucolic Garden”, inspired by the beautiful countryside of the movie ‘The Hobbits and The Lord of The Rings’. To enliven the 10 Wonders of FLORIA and bring back some of the best and exciting elements that have been a favourite of FLORIA fans, THE BUCOLIC LIFESTYLE OF THE HOBBIT IS BACK! The structures are built using natural and recyclable materials such as twigs, tree trunks, river stones and weeds. Some of the characters featured in Hobbiton are also highlighted at the “MINI HOBBITON MALAYSIA” with 8 varieties of colourful FLORIA theme flowers for impact.


Royal Floria Fertigation Garden

FLORIA Fertigation Garden and FLORIA Produce 

The Fertigation Garden demonstrates cultivation of greens to the general public using the fertigation system adapted for urban farming. The fertigation kit demonstrates how this concept of urban farming can be suitable for use in homes or apartments with limited space for gardening. Fresh farm produce, especially rock melons freshly harvested from PFSB’s farm at Putrajaya Wetlands is expected to attract visitors. This garden emphasizes the importance of the agricultural industry and encourages visitors to produce home-grown food products, thus saving on household spending.


Royal Floria International Dialogue

Royal FLORIA International Dialogue 

A discussion platform for stakeholders and landscape, horticulture and floriculture-related industries through a 2-day program aimed at creating awareness on the latest developments and best practices in the industry. Royal FLORIA International Dialogue (RFID) acts as a catalyst for the industry which includes professional participants in the fields of landscape, flora, horticulture and floriculture and other related fields. In addition to being a platform for exchange of ideas and exposure to best horticultural practices, dialogue participants are also able to gain knowledge from international horticulture and floriculture experts. Aimed to develop the country’s landscape, horticulture and floriculture industries, the 2-day program includes keynote Address, Speeches, Panel Discussions, National News Updates, Documentaries, Presentations and Workshops by international and local icons in the related industries. Emphasises the existence of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya not only as a tourism product but also a platform that fosters the Malaysian economy and generates business opportunities for small, medium and large enterprises.